Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mother's Day~Coming up!

I got this post from one of my favorite sites...Social Couture. I love the simplicity of arrangement #2. It's so elegant and would make any mom feel great! 
Celebrate Mother's Day by showing Mom how much you care and set the table with a handmade gorgeous floral centerpiece.

1.  This one is definitely my favorite centerpiece...there is something elegant and rustic all that same time (it makes me feel like I am home). A mass of pink ranunculus offers a sweet counterpoint to its rustic country container. Individual cans make arranging easy. Cut stems short and place a small bunch in each can
2.  This next Mother's day floral arrangement comes straight from Martha Stewart; to make this paper corset bouquet, measure the circumference of your bundle with a length of cord. Cut a piece of construction or other heavy paper to the length of the cord, with a width about half the length. Punch matching rows of holes down both short sides, spaced about 1 inch apart. Curl the paper so that it holds the shape of a tube; stand it on end. Slip each end of a piece of silk cord from front to back into the first pair of opposing holes. Even the cord out. Lace up loosely; slip corset over stems, and tighten laces. Trim ends, and tie a bow when finished.
3.  Create an easy outdoor centerpiece using Mom's favorite blooms and a basic white platter. Float flowers like these peonies in small bowls, and arrange them with votive candles for a modern look. On a long table, you can place a few platters or votives down the middle.
4.  I love this button filled flower arrangement. It reminds me of all the buttons my Mom sewed on for me throughout the years.  Thanks for keeping me together Mom!  Fill the bottom of the large vase with buttons, and place the second vase on top. Add more buttons, filling the space between the vases, and then add water.  Fill the smaller vase with water, and arrange flowers inside. So Simple!!

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