Monday, April 19, 2010


It has come to my attention that I should get paid for baking, blogging, and party planning. I love these things so much that I'm pretty sure I'm officially obsessed! I try to bake for any and every occasion. And I mean bake. Bake as much as I can. There's so much joy in licking the bowl, smelling the sweetness of the sugar, and sipping on wine as I create tasty treats. I get so many amazing ideas from here, here, and here

And then there's party planning...dear, oh dear. I love creating amazing parties so everyone can have an amazing time laughing, catching up, having a drink...or three, and eating food that is so delish.  I couldn't wait to have kids so I could plan their parties. :)

Well I should make a point here. My first obsessions are my family, but my obsessions stem from all of them so now I'm consumed! 

Lastly, I really enjoy blogging. I love reading tons of blogs a day to get inspiration and jolt my creativity.

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