Friday, May 7, 2010

~Part 2: Andrew's b-day~

Here are more pictures from my son Andrew's Safari birthday party. These little lemon bundt cakes are so delish! Love these little guys.
The party was held outside and luckily it was a beautiful day, but it was really windy so I had to rearrange the decorations so that they all didn't blow away. Instead of hanging the scrapbook pages that I made I ended up having to tape them to the window. I think they still look cute :)
These awesome lanterns were also supposed to be hanging, but the wind was really blowing so I put them under the food & dessert tables. I had to put a rock inside them so they wouldn't blow all over the place. 

Here's the dessert table again and to the left in the table with the favors on it. 

These are the favors up close. I tied thank you notes to the handles of the bug catching nets. I got the nets and magnifying glasses from Target and the binoculars and bubbles from Micheal's. The kids got to play with them at the party and take them home. They loved it! 

I know this is a lot of pics, but here's the last decoration one! I bought the mini palm tree and pot from IKEA and then added the jungle animals to the pots. I had one of these at each end of the food table. The pinwheels were compliments of my daughter. :)

Me with my lil' birthday boy and daughter. 

And here's someone very special. It's my husband Scott who's currently in Afghanistan. We Skyped with him during the party so he could be a part of the celebration. He got to sing happy birthday with us. It was awesome. If he can't physically be here it's great that at least he can be with us virtually. Miss him.  

I have a ton more pics, which would make this post super long. So I'll stop here. ;)

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